21st International Exhibition of Equipment, Raw Materials and Technologies for Pharmaceutical Production - PHARMTECH & INGREDIENTS 2019

An event will soon take place that brings together all the technological leaders of the industry and visitors interested in choosing equipment, raw materials, supplies and technologies for the production of pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, blood products and cosmetics - the 21st International Exhibition of Equipment, Raw Materials and Technologies for Pharmaceuticals production - PHARMTECH & INGREDIENTS 2019.
For us, this exhibition is, above all, the opportunity to personally communicate with our customers. This year, as part of the exhibition, we have prepared an extensive program for our customers and guests that will help to exchange maximum information about world trends regarding pharmaceutical production and new products in the field of cleanroom maintenance that deserve attention.
November 19-22, 2019 we are waiting for you at Stand A3061 (Pavilion No. 2 Hall No. 7), where we will present samples of already familiar products, as well as new products from suppliers:
- Bio-Clean, Indutex - disposable and reusable clothes, glasses and masks for clean premises;
- Contec - wipes, detergents and disinfectants specially designed and certified for use in cleanrooms;
- Ansell - gloves and clothing for cleanrooms, as well as chemically resistant and work gloves;
- Hydroflex - disposable and reusable mops, modular cleaning trolleys, vacuum cleaners and equipment for cleaning cleanrooms in accordance with ISO and GMP;
- Tinman - furniture and dispensers made of stainless steel;
- Bimos - chairs for cleanrooms, laboratories and industries;
- Diversey - detergents and disinfectants for cleanrooms and production equipment;
- WearerTech (Toffeln) and EuroDan - shoes for cleanrooms, laboratories and industries;
- Tork - cleaning materials for industrial premises, as well as products for the hygiene of staff and visitors;
- PHAUF - ULPA and HEPA filters for cleanrooms;
- Celos is a brand new for the Russian market, offering gloves, napkins and clothes for cleanrooms.

November 21, at 14:35, we invite everyone to Pavilion 2, Hall 7, Conference Hall L to the workshop “Global revision of European GMP and ISO PPE. What we will pay attention to when choosing clothes and gloves for cleanrooms ”, organized by IBC Nanotex with the participation of Ansell, a world leader in the production of personal protective equipment, in which we will talk about changes in GMP and ISO PPE that will inevitably change the philosophy of cleanrooms in the next 3 years. Let's look at a few specific examples where the changes will be radical and how they can correspond.