IBC systems group: “There is always a solution”

At present IBC Systems is one of the most dynamically developing companies on the market of industrial equipment supply, engineering, In-Mount Label production, clean rooms construction, construction and renovation of buildings and premises of different purposes, supply of construction and finishing materials, furniture, as well as special protective clothing.

Each company, included into this group, has in its assortments the whole complex of services and solutions, which enables us to offer our customers a complete solution, so that the customer does not need to spend extra time and money.

High growth rate of production and financial factors of all companies without exception comprising the group allow IBC Systems to continually invest into new activities – modern and innovative and offer for the market new products non-analogous in its class.

IBC Systems carries out its activities on the territory of more than 10 countries including Europeans and has branches and regional offices in all strategically important areas.

The central office is located in Moscow. From here activities of the company and its regional offices are managed.

At present the company employs more than 200 first-class specialists in their fields and high-skilled workers having unique experience and knowledge which they are always ready to share with their customers and partners.

Our partners and supplies are famous companies that are now known in Russia as well thanks to IBC Systems. Only the company with impeccable reputation and high-quality equipment and services can become our partner.

We create The standards.